Top 5 Best Boot Dryers, Shoe Dryers & Shoe Deodorizer

Imagine yourself early in the morning, getting ready to your playlist, with a feeling to conquer the day ahead. You are ready to rock and roll and just when you are about to head out in your favorite pair of shoes, you feel that stench. Worst of all being it’s your favorite pair. Familiar? Well it happens with all of us. That’s why it’s advisable to keep one of the Boot dryers handy. One that can dry, deodorize, remove the bacteria/fungus & gives you a warm cozy feel – best boot dryers & deodorizers will do all of it.

You can be rest assured that these dryers are fit for all the types of shoes, be it your favorite pair of running shoes, zumba shoes or your everyday work shoes

Through personal experience we have picked up 5 best shoe dryers suitable for different purposes and varied budget.

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Our Top 5 pic of Best Shoe/Boot Dryers & Deodorizer

Peet Original 2 shoe Dryer

This one is my favorite and everybody I know just loves it. If you do not have any shoe dryer or plan to keep just one, then just go ahead and get Peet’s orginial 2 shoe Dryer. It has to be crowd favorite; after all they (Gene Peet) invented the very first shoe dryer back in 1968. It performs as promised and are built to last. Use it for a couple of hours before you are about to wear your shoes or boots and get ready with the warm cozy feeling. It is pretty handy and doesn’t cost much to be honest. If you need to dry gloves in that, you can buy the Peet Glove port attachment. If you are still not convinced, let me tell you, my mother would vouch by this & you know mums are always right 🙂

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Peet Advantage Express Dryer

The 2nd one in our list is Peet Advantage Express Dryer. Air chambers & dry ports with fan helps dry your shoes, boots & glove faster than the traditional convection model. Moreover, it can handle two pairs of any boot or shoes. As per what we have experienced, your footwear is dried in minutes. And if your footwear is ‘soggy’ Peet Express dryer will make it ready to wear in less than 4 hours. It is suitable for a small family.

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MaxxDry Heavy Duty Boot Shoe & Glove

This is a forced air shoe, boot and glove dryer. It is pretty handy as it can dry upto 4 garments (e.g. 2 shoes + 2 gloves) at the same time. Normally it takes about an hour to dry all of them simultaneously. A real competitor to Pete. It also comes along with 2 boot extensions that measure upto 15″ in height. Dry your tall boots using this extension. The only negative point being, if you are using drying only two shoes, there is no switch to turn on the rest of the 2 unsed ports, which in my opinion is a waste of resource. Other than that these are pretty good, especially if you have to wear heavy work boots in cold and wet conditions.


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DryGuy DX Forced Air Boot Dryer and Garment Dryer

Love the brand name and love the dryer functionality. A sturdy forced air boot, gloves, shoes & garment dryer, it can work on 4 garments simultaneously. As every other dryer listed above, it heats upto 105 degrees F which is definitely safe for all your clothes, inner liners, boots etc. This helps prevent moisture in under an hour and keeps your garments & shoes bacteria and odour-free. Moreover you can buy additional attachment for your long boots. And if you are the one who uses helmets often, you can buy the additional helmet attachment. I am sure you would not want something stinking on your head 🙂 Priced a little on the higher side, especially if you decide to buy the additional attachments.[button-red url=”″ target=”” position=”center”]Check prices on Amazon >>[/button-red]



Peet Ultra Dryer & Deodorizer

If you have been using sprays and perfume to mask the odor, it’s time to switch and invest in a good shoe dryer. A shoe dryer doesn’t mask the odor but deodorizes. Peet’s ultra dryer uses Ozone Molecules (O3) to break through the odor molecules leaving your shoe fresh to use. Being extremely light weight it is highly portable and you don’t have to throw a ruckus while carrying it around to outdoors or camp sites. However this is more of a deodorizer than a dryer. It does not circulate warm air inside, does a decent job at drying, however not as good as the Pete Original or Pete Advantage express

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How to use a Shoe Dryer & Deodorizer?

Most of the dryers are very simple to use, you can just plug-n-play. Ensure that the base is on a level ground, especially if you are going to dry heavy boots, trekking shoes, skaters, ski shoes etc. For few of these, you have to assemble the base of the dryer, in simpler words, slide together the base plates. Plug the Shoe Dryer in one of your wall ports. (For the tech geeks out there – most of them work with your standard 110-120V power supply). If you are about to dry a completely wet shoe, keep the shoes overnight for best results. You can refer Pete’s Instruction set over here

Why to use a Shoe Dryer & Deodorizer?

Your running shoes, shoes that you use for standing all day, your work shoes etc go through a lot of wear and tear. They support you throughout your routine, however they also absorb a lot of moisture in form of sweat etc. So you need to ask your self if your running shoes or work shoes are really dry? Or are they just a storehouse of bacteria’s and fungus. Would your regular cleaning methods such as stuffing newspaper or using baking soda suffice to remove or prevent bacteria? The answer is NO. You can stuff all the newspaper you want or use the whole pack of baking soda but that does not kill or even reduce the bacteria. And as you know bacteria and fungus thrive in wet & moist environment. So it’s imperative you take a little extra care of your shoes, give them some love as they take care of you. So avoid  any embarrassment of smelly feet/shoes or any risk of fungal infection to your shoes and invest in a good shoe dryer

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