Best Shoes For Nurses

Spending long hours attending to patients, nurses often forget about their own comfort. Long shifts takes a toll on the body especially the feet. However a good shoe with adequate support, right fit, and perfect cushioning can reduce a lot of stress on feet and save from a great deal of pain. There are a lot of good nursing shoes out there and the personal favorites can differ a lot. But there are few trusted names that never disappoint. So based on the personal experience and feedback from the nurses, we have handpicked few of the best nursing shoes. You can straight away jump tot the guide below or read up a bit more on the selection criteria, features and qualities that make a nursing shoe one the best.

Top Features every one should look for in the best shoes for nurses

  1. Comfort: Comfort is above everything. In fact it can be the only factor to help you decide on the shoes. If the shoe feels right to your feet, if it makes you feel comfortable & relaxed so much that you forget you are wearing something, then it is just the right shoe for you
  2. Slip-Resistant: Running from patient to other, you may tend to forget that there are fluids spilled on the floor. But a good nursing shoe must take care of that. It should be slip resistant enough to avoid any accidents
  3. Durable & low Maintenance: A good nursing shoe must last long and should be one that can be easily cleaned.

In short the key points for good nursing shoes are they need to be well cushioned, comfortable, non-slip and ones which can take the daily wear and tear. And if this shoes are a tad stylish, then you have struck gold.

Best Shoes for Nurses Reviews

Dansko Women’s Professional Clogs >>

Dansko has been nurses favorites since ages now and rightly so. The Dansko design is just perfect to stand all day. It reduces the strain on legs, knees and hips. The rocker bottom is made to absorb shock and reduce fatigue by distributing the weight equally across the foot. The arch support is exceptional especially those with medium to high arches. You can definitely use one of your orthotic shoe inserts. Remember Dansko’s take a little time to break in. However be ensure that the shoes fit properly – 1) You should be able to move your toes and your pinky 2) The heel should slide out slightly when you walk. However it should not be so loose that it comes out during a complete kicking motion (imagine kicking a football). You can seldom go wrong with Dankso, this is the opinion of nurses and podiatrists alike. Moreover Dansko ensured that you will find one that suits your style. They have launched these is more than 50 color options.

Skechers for Work Women’s Clog >>

If you have been a Dansko fan all your life and never tried something else, these Skechers Women’s work clog might just surprise you. With roomy rounded toe box, shock absorbing midsole and non-slip rubber sole, they  are very good work wear. Moreover the insole cushioning is easily removable, so you can replace it with a superior orthotic insoles that suit your feet. Skechers generally are very low maintenance shoes; these you can just wipe clean with a normal wipe cloth and you will be good to go. On the durability factor, they tend to wear off a little quickly than Dansko’s. But as you know it depends on a lot of factor, especially how rough are you going to use these. We suggest keeping Dansko as a primary pair and use Skechers for rotation as a back up pair.

Nurse Mates Women’s Dove

These are part of Nurse Mates Lites Collection. As the collection name suggests these are extremely lightweight. As the old adage goes one pound on the shoe is 5 pounds on your back, so a lightweight shoe definitely helps to reduce strain on back and hips. It comes with EVA outsole which are again feather light. The sole is slip resistant and the arch support is one of the best in class. Highly recommended for people with normal and high arches. The insole, like the shoes discussed above, is removable. So you can conveniently replace it with one of our recommended insoles that is suited to your feet. The uppers are made of stain resistant finish that helps them to look fresh and in case of any fluid spillover or scuff, you can just wipe it clean. However they come in only white and black so there are not many color options to choose from.

Alegria Women’s debra Slip-On

If you have tried Dansko’s or Sanita’s in the past and still did not find the comfort you were looking for, we highly recommend to try on Alegria Women’s Slip-on. They run a little expensive but they will prove to be an excellent investment for your feet. The best part about these is the memory foam insert that automatically adapts to your foot anatomy to give you a custom fit. However for any reason you feel the insole is not as per your comfort, which we highly doubt, you can replace it with one of your orthotic insoles. Upper is made with rich leather and covered with latex, making these shoes fluids resistant which can be easily cleaned with a wipe. The only con is the price point, however as we said earlier, if it gives you the comfort in a 12 hour long shift, then it’s definitely worth the investment.

Oesh Women’s La Vida 2.0>>

These are quite different from your regular shoes. Especially suited if you have been struggling with Plantar Fasciitis, Morton’s neuroma or fallen arches and nothing else has helped you ever. These shoes are made to complement the natural design of a woman’s feet. It has a zero toe to feet drop i.e. it is absolutely flat as if you are standing on a flat ground. The sole of these shoes respond to the natural posture and movement. The wide spacious toe box and zero drop sole keeps your foot movements natural and helps to strengthen them over a period of time. If you can wear non-leather clogs for your works, and are suffering from various foot ailments, failed over and over by orthotic shoe inserts and clogs, these are for you.

Few tips for nurses to maximize foot comfort

  1. Clogs need to be have wriggle room for your toe and should be slightly loose on the back of your foot.
  2. Pair your nursing shoes with graduated compression socks that helps in circulation
  3. Rotate your shoes for maximum durability as your shoes needs time to wick moisture
  4. Be mindful of your feet during long hours. Give them adequate break. Once every couple of hours of continuous standing, shift your weight between the heel and the ball of the feet.

Hope with the reviews above your search for the best nurses shoe ends and you work in comfort and breeze through your long working hours 🙂

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