Best Steel Toe Shoes/Boots For Warehouse Work

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Our Top Pick: Timberland PRO Men’s Pitboss 6″ Steel-Toe Boot

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Warehouse is one of the most demanding places to work. long shift hours, heavy equipment and standing on your feet all day on tough concrete surface. Your body and especially your feet will bear the brunt of it. However wearing a good shoe for warehouse work will significantly improve your foot condition. Further leading to a happier you and you know what, happy people get promoted 🙂

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So what kind of shoes are best for warehouse work?

Well, at most the warehouses, it is mandatory to wear steel toe boots. That does leave many choices, however trust us, it’s for the best. When you are handling heavy machinery & huge loads, it is essential to think of your foot safety. After all things do fall down (blame gravity)! And for some reason falling objects have a nasty habit of landing on your foot. So we suggest carry that extra bit of load as a trade off for your own safety. In our opinion and the opinion of various warehouse superman, steel toe boot are the best bet for warehouses.

Other things that you should consider while selecting a warehouse work shoes/boot are

  • Safety: Warehouse shoe needs to provide enough safety for your feet. Most of the warehouses issue safety guidelines, so you need to ensure that your shoe meets them. Even in absence of any safety guidelines, warehouse is a tough place to be; so please ensure your shoes provide you with enough protection to your feet
  • Comfort: Remember you will end up wearing the shoe/boots for atleast 10 to 12 hours for 5 days a week straight including the warehouse work sched and the commute time. The shoes should be comfortable enough for wearing long hours as you do not want your feet to be sore on a Monday night with 4 more work days to go. That would surely feel like hell. The insole should be comfortable and the shoes should provide enough cushioning.
  • Durability: A good pair of shoes is an investment. If you are spending so much on a good work shoe/boot, it better last long. That implies the construction of the shoe needs to be rugged for it to sustain difficult work environments.


Timberland PRO Men’s Pitboss 6″ Steel-Toe Boot

Timberland Pro Men’s Pitboss series is just the right fit for almost every warehouse work condition. These shoes are made of Nubuck leather and they meet the ANSI safety standard. These also feature oil resistant outsoles for traction and slip resistance combined with abrasion resistance; after all they feature Goodyear welt construction. Nubuck leather, polyurethane midsole and padded toe add to the extra comfort you deserve. The antimicrobial cover makes these shoes odor resistant. Combine these with thick pair of socks and and your feet are in for a comfort ride throughout. Timberland boots and shoes are known to last long without any signs of wear and tear. The only drawback is they tend to run a little small so you should try a size higher.

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KEEN Utility Men’s Pittsburgh Work Boot

If you have read other articles on this site, you would probably know that we do have a soft spot for Keen boots and that is because the shoes and the boots that these company make are brilliant when it comes to comfort and durability. So no one Keen Utility Men’s Pittsburgh work boot made to this list. These boots feature steel toe for safety. Additionally these are waterproof adding to the extra layer of comfort if you happen to work in moist or wet envvironment. These boase of ASTM F2413-11 M I/75 C/75 EH rating for their steel toe. Combined with Oil and slip resistant these are one heck of a work boot that are made to comfort you and made to last.

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Caterpillar Men’s Second Shift Steel Toe Work Boot

These 6″ work boots are made with rugged leather, these can sure take a beating and won’t let you down no matter what kind of environment and conditions you put them through. CAT are known  for their honest and integrity to make heavy equipment such as earthmover. They follow the same principles in making work boots, which is evident in the quality of the shoes and boots. These shoe are water resistant, slip resistant and oil resistant making them apt for varied work environments. At this price range, these are the best steel toe work boots you can purchase. They will definitely turn out to be the right investment as they last long, really long. Pro – Tip: If you work in a very dusty environment, opt for the darker brown shade.

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Pro Tips:

  1. Always keep two work boots and alternate between the two. It will drastically increase the lifespan of your work boots as it gives the boot time to wick moisture
  2. Ensure that your boots have enough room for thick socks. A good pair of thick merrino wool socks will definitely increase the comfort level.

Hope the information above helped you to select the right work boot.




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